April 30, 2011

Spring... maybe?

Mother Nature is having trouble making up her mind this year when it comes to the weather!
 Despite the cool and wet weather the garden is still growing well, just a bit slow. Many perennials are filling out nicely and getting ready to bud for early summer blooms. In our shop we are starting many annual seedlings under grow lights. They will be transferred into the garden once they are a little bigger and when we receive warmer temperatures. At that time we will also direct seed other varieties straight into the ground. Currently in bloom are two varieties of daffodils. There should have been tulips too but unfortunately they were all eaten by deer. If you would like to come out and pick daffodils please contact us first. Since we have just a few types of flowers we are only “open” by request. We hope that you are enjoying your sunny spring days, sparse as they may be, and will keep Half Moon Blooms in mind as summer nears!  

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