January 13, 2012

A New Season is Starting

It may be cold and dreary outside but a new season for our garden has already begun. It is clearly still winter out, though a warm one thus far, so it may surprise you to know we are well underway with our plans for 2012. For the last few weeks we have been ogling over seed catalogs, researching estimated bloom times, planning our planting map, ordering our selections of seeds which needed restocking, and picking a few new items to add to our repertoire for this coming year. So exciting!
The end of June (when we hope the garden will be in full swing) does seem like a ways off yet. However, I am sure it will be here in the blink of an eye. We are expecting big things from our little garden this year and are excited about of our plans especially in the area of promotions. Although you won’t be visiting the garden for a while we hope you will continue to check back here on our blog for some fun “preseason deals” which you can print out and save for when you visit the garden this summer!  

We hope you are looking forward to sunny skies, green grass and picking lots of blooms with us in the garden this coming summer!

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